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Sunshine Summit Lodge

Affiliated with the Narconon Fresh Start Program, a not for profit 501 (c) (3) drug rehabilitation and prevention organization, the Sunshine Summit Lodge in a rural area just outside of San Diego is committed to the mission and principles of Narconon, which is geared to rehabilitating people from their addiction to drugs or alcohol so that they can live a fulfilling life completely free of dependency and regain control and purpose. Utilizing an innovative approach that sets it apart from other drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention programs, the program at Sunshine Summit Lodge has been proven by studies and individuals to rebuild lives and provide hope for those now struggling with their addictions.

The ability to achieve true rehabilitation at Sunshine Summit Center is based on an unique approach that looks at drug and alcohol addiction differently than others who may view it as a disease that cannot be cured but simply treated. However, the Narconon approach sees the approach as being successful when a person looks deeper inside themselves to discover and reflect on issues that may be at the root of their addiction, including behavioral and emotional problems. As part of the emotional and psychological addiction to the drugs or alcohol, these issues and problems are addressed in conjunction with the biological addiction that has the body physically addicted to these substances.

The professionals at Sunshine Summit Lodge incorporate multiple programs that each person undertakes to address both levels of addiction. For the emotional addiction tied to those internal issues, a Life Skills program helps to truly rehabilitate through cognitive behavior modification while the physical drug or alcohol addiction is addressed through the New Life Detoxification program to remove the physical cravings that come from toxins left in the body. Together, these programs, along with numerous other activities and sessions for individuals provide a complete and total solution for rehabilitation and prevention for a life free of dependency.