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Cocaine, ecstasy and crystal meth were among the drugs seized at a rave at Grandfather's Barn. Oxford Township Police, in cooperation with Butler County drug agents and deputies, the Miami University Police Department, State Highway Patrol troopers, Ohio Liquor Control agents and the Oxford Police Department, made 10 felony arrests and 45 misdemeanor arrests.

Felony charges included drug trafficking, weapons charges and possession of speed. Misdemeanor charges included 23 counts of possession of drugs and 10 arrests for possession of drug paraphernalia, in addition to charges of drug abuse, underage consumption and disorderly conduct. A number of drugs were seized from the rave, including ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, rohypnol, PCP, speed and crystal meth.

Preston Schrock, chief of police of the Oxford Township Police Department, said most of the ravers were in their early 20s and from southwest Ohio. He said the 31 officers who raided Grandfather's Barn also confiscated various types of designer drugs. "These drugs are basically first cousins to ecstasy," Schrock said. According to Schrock, the "designer" drugs are technically not illegal because individual molecules of elements within the drugs have been altered, making them unrecognizable to the FDA and thus not subject to legal consequences.

All of the confiscated drugs will be sent to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab for analysis. Officers also seized three weapons, one of which was a sawed-off shot gun fashioned with wooden blocks and duct tape, resulting in a firearm violation. Schrock first learned of the rave last week when he found a flier uptown.